Monday, November 9, 2009

Cultivating Wonder


One of my most important parenting goals is cultivating wonder in my children. I want them to feel awe and reverence when they encounter the natural world. I want them to be thrilled and amazed by science experiments. I want them to view education as a life-long pursuit that is its own reward.

Lately I am once again contemplating just what our schools are teaching our children. What values are being communicated? Where is the joy of learning when there is such pressure to teach to the test? First it was art and music that were being nudged out, then recess. Now even science and "social studies" are being pushed aside in favor of a single-minded focus on reading and math -- and not just reading and math, but the skill of performing well on reading and math tests.

Where is the wonder? Where is the joy? The world is full of so very many interesting things, there is so very much to learn, so many exciting discoveries to be made.

Much to ponder, as we consider the next phase of our children's educations.

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