Tuesday, July 20, 2010


I have just returned from three delicious weeks at my parents' house in Maine. Truly, one of the most beautiful places on earth, and we had a lovely, lovely time. Kayaking, swimming, building sandcastles at some of the world's most gorgeous beaches, walking in the woods, and just relaxing with the grandparents. I feel so incredibly blessed to be able to take such an extended break from "regular life."

But honestly, three weeks is a long time. Yesterday was relaxing in its own way, as we return to the routines and rhythms of our daily life.

And of course, there was the garden.

Three weeks is a long time to be away from a garden. Thank goodness my husband was here to keep things watered and harvested. Because, oh my how things have grown.

Before I left I planted some basil, tiny plants my neighbor had given me.


Can you say, pesto?

Oh, hello morning glory.

This morning glory is a weed. It grows in my rose bed and tries to strangle them. I had pulled it all up before I left. And in three weeks, it reached the top of the trellis. Beware the morning glory, I tell you. These things are crafty.

When I left, I had finally put cages around the tomatoes.

Tomatoes are taller than me.

Now the tomatoes are taller than me. Oh my.

And these zucchini plants and not only ginormous, but they're prolific! The zukes just keep on coming.

More baby zucchini!

The marigolds I planted to protect the tomatoes and zucchini are lost under all that foliage. They must be working, though.

Somewhere under there are marigolds

Because just take a look at this:

Something's coming...

And this:

...something good

Oh. my. goodness. These plants are just overflowing with green tomatoes. I could just jump for joy, I really could.

This Swiss chard could win prizes.

I ate this Swiss chard last night. It was incredible. I swear I could take it to the county fair and win prizes. It's unreal.

Runaway pumpkins!

Uh-oh, the pumpkin vine is trying to escape again!

Escaping pumpkin vine

Dude, what is it with pumpkins?? Stay in your bed, dagnabbit!

Arugula in flower

The arugula is in flower, but that's okay. I'm surprised at how much we got from it, and how long a season we were harvesting it. Thanks, arugula! You were great!


The broccoli is still getting munched to within an inch of its life, but somehow it's growing! Many, many thanks to my devoted husband who dutifully removed cabbage worms for three weeks. It's a thankless job, but my broccoli is grateful.

Munched broccoli leaf

Munched, but still hanging in there.

The green bean house is amazing.

Green bean fairy house

You really can (if you're three feet tall) climb inside and sit in the shade.

And exciting things are happening to the green beans, too:

Green bean in flower

Now, I need to get back to my weeding. The vegetables aren't the only things that thrived in my absence.


  1. Your garden is magnificent! My experience echos yours, though on a smaller scale. I returned from two weeks out of town and could not believe the progress my plants had made. And my vines had chosen the craziest places to climb.

  2. Your gardend is envious! Everything looks wonderfully healthy. I'm glad you came back to such a fabulous surprise!