Monday, August 23, 2010

A Closer Look

We have the coolest new toy. For months now, I've been wanting to get a simple microscope. No preparing of slides, no mega-powered lenses, just a simple tool for looking closely at stuff. So I saw a good review for the Zorb in a homeschooling resource catalog, and thought that sounded just about right. It's small, it connects directly to the computer, and you can save pictures of what you see. Cool.

Pumpkin leaf 2

Then I saw it was only $29 at Amazon and clicked "Buy Now." An impulse buy, to be sure.

Hey, sometimes I have good instincts.

Man, this thing is cool. I mean, cool. I can't even tell you how many lightbulb moments we've had around here in the past few days. And not just from the kids! Even my husband confessed that only now does he truly understand the difference between woven and knit fabric.

See? Woven:

Woven fabric

And knit:

Knit fabric

At 35x magnification, those fabrics look really, really different.

You know how a strawberry has its seeds on its skin? Yeah, they look like this:


Ever wondered how sharp a thumbtack really is? It's this sharp:


And granulated sugar really is made up of little crystals.


It's amazing how much knowledge can be right in front of you, if only you take a closer look.


  1. Wow...that's really cool!!

  2. Thanks for sharing this. My four year old has asked for a microscope, and I wasn't sure if my budget would allow for one that worked well enough to make it worth the money. This looks like a lot of fun.