Monday, March 28, 2011

New Adventures

Several updates from my topsy-turvy world:

1. Someone domain-squatted on me, and the minute my domain registration expired, POOF! it was gone. (The renewal reminders ended up in my spam filter. Gmail spam filter FAIL.) So I am no longer at chickencounting dot com. We'll just have to manage with instead for the time being. So I am still here! Hmm, how do you send out change of address cards for a blog...?

Tolly Cover Episode 12. Since a fair amount of my energies are being directed towards trying to make a go of this whole stringing-words-together thing, which may or may not be of interest to my regular readers here at Chicken Counting, I've created a new space to chronicle my attempts at becoming a writer when I grow up. Read all about it over there.

3. And speaking of that whole stringing-words-together deal, I have an exciting announcement: I have released the first installment of my serialized novel for young readers on Amazon as a Kindle book. You can read all about it here. Very exciting!!

Writers are born

Oh, and meanwhile the six-year-old has been writing books like nobody's business. Something about apples and trees...

1 comment:

  1. So sorry to hear about the domain, but thrilled to hear about the first installation! When I grow up I think I'll be a farmer....
    I'm loving to hear that your babe wants to be just like Mama! My daughter is constantly scribbling and drawing on paper,only to fold them into booklets - stapling and binding them with ribbon. I adore seeing them find a passion for reading and books at this age.
    Can't wait to read up on your adventures!