Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Apple Harvest


Hmm, what do do with ten pounds of gorgeous Stayman apples? They are lovely for eating -- as crisp as a Granny Smith, but sweeter. But they are also, apparently, great for cooking and baking. This week I am determined to make my way through these apples!

Half-eaten Apple Spice Cake

Yesterday I made an apple spice cake. It was insanely delicious. Like, I can't believe I just made that delicious. The recipe is from The 1997 Joy of Cooking, and I still can't get over how good it was. Interestingly, there are no eggs in the batter -- just flour, butter, buttermilk, brown sugar, and spices like cinnamon, nutmeg, and ground cloves. And of course, chopped apples! I hesitated about adding the 1/2 cup of chopped pecans, because I thought the kids might balk at the texture, but they were perfect. I topped it with a quick white icing, also found in the Joy of Cooking. Fab-u-lous.

Unfortunately, the 1 cup of chopped apples called for by the recipe only dispensed with ONE apple. Ahem. We're going to have to pick up the pace. Ideas for what to do with a lot of apples, besides apple pie?


  1. dumplings, turnovers, crisp, salad topping, seems like something with porkchops?, sauce, apple butter

  2. Mmmmmm! And... Apple cinnamon muffins, cinnamon apples, waldorf salad...I wish we had apple trees in my neck of the woods!

  3. Apple sauce! We used about 15 apples to get four jars worth. I didn't season/sweeten the sauce, that way we could use it in a variety of ways later on, and season it appropriately when we use it.