Sunday, September 27, 2009

America's Best Idea

I just finished watching the first episode of Ken Burns's documentary The National Parks: America's Best Idea on PBS. First of all, gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous. I think I could look at sunset pictures of Yosemite all day long. Second of all, I am so grateful that the beauty and wonder of our national lands are being highlighted. As much as I sometimes begin to feel that America has become one long strip-mall, I am reminded of the vast areas of wildness and natural beauty that remain in this country.

We recently had a family weekend in Shenandoah National Park, camping and hiking and enjoying the incredible views from Skyline Drive.

I was so proud to be able to tell the kids, "you know who this mountain belongs to? You."

We picked up a "Passport to the National Parks" in Shenandoah, and the four-year-old spent hours poring over it and selecting places she wants to visit next. The Grand Canyon being tops on her list. Did I mention we live in Maryland? Oy. But it's an honorable goal, to want to see all the awesomeness of one's own country, so we will do our best. As Woody Guthrie said, "This land is your land," after all.

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  1. Those are beautiful pics! My ultimate vacation would be to visit national parks and drive the scenic routes in a small van (so it could go up and down mountains easily.)