Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Breakfast Reading

Over breakfast this morning, two articles zinged to my attention. Both in the Food section, what a shocker...

First up, an unscientific but quite thorough and eye-opening study a mom did to prove to her teenage son and his posse that eating fast food is both less healthful and more expensive than the same exact foods prepared at home. Even if you still eat crappy burgers and pizza and whatnot, with all the same exact fixings (including the 21 grams of mayonnaise on a Double Whopper that makes me want to hurl), those exact same foods are both healthier at home (since you can't even buy Burger King's amazing 35% fat ground beef), but will also save you significant amounts of money. So much for the "yeah, but it's cheap..." argument in favor of fast food: it will cost you both now and later! Lose lose!

Then another headline on the same page grabbed my eye: "Just Say No to Antibacterial Burgers." It turns out, we have a problem in this country with antibacterial resistant germs! And part of the problem is the constant dosing of our livestock animals with antibiotics! Which we wouldn't have to do if we would just raise our livestock animals humanely! Can I get a resounding, "Duh"??? File this under Things We Know Already and Don't Want Brought to Our Attention, Thank You. I wonder what kind of flak that reporter is going to get for pointing out such an unpleasant truth. In the Food section no less, gasp!

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  1. It is so scary about how much of our food production the ordinary citizen just does not understand!