Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day = Planting Day

In my climate, the old-fashioned wisdom is that Mother's Day is the safe-to-go-in-the-ground date. (Also the day to put out hummingbird feeders!) I happen to know that many people ignore this guideline and plant things when it starts to get warm, which could be as early as mid-March. And some years, you'd be fine and have a nice long growing season. But some years, you'd lose it all with a late hard frost, and I'm just not that much of a risk-taker.

So yesterday was planting day! And since I am a mama and I got to do whatever I wanted yesterday, I spent much of the day in the garden.

These plants look pathetically tiny in their huge beds, but they will grow. They will grow.
I will it to be so.







Leeks. Are you kidding me? They look like tiny blades of grass, and they were started like a million weeks ago. This is not looking promising:


Broccoli. Oh man, please survive. These got heat-damaged a few weeks back. They're hanging on valiantly, but I dunno:


The pumpkin patch:

Pumpkin patch

And now for my favorite thing: the fairy fort. The bamboo poles and trellis form a kind of teepee, and planted all around are cucumbers and green beans. The idea is for them to grow up over the teepee, covering it and creating a leafy play house. We'll see if it works!

Fairy fort

Still need to plant my peppers in my front flower beds, and find a sunny spot for my sunflowers, but I ran out of steam yesterday. All in all, though, a perfect Mother's Day, and it is awfully exciting to see the raised beds full of plants and seeds. (Also direct-seeded yesterday were carrots, parsnips, and marigolds.)

So, how is your garden growing?


  1. Hi Laura...found you via - I forget. :) Anyway, laughed out loud at this post - particularly the bit about the leeks. Mine look exactly the same and yes, I too started them a million weeks ago. SO funny.
    We too have erected a bamboo fort...but are planting flowers at the base (like morning glories) to create a flowered wall teepee. So much fun. So glad the nice weather is (almnost) here to stay.

  2. I love fresh veggies... if only I could grow them. :)

  3. I just love how everyone's getting their gardens ready! Fun Mo Day! And thanks for linking up at RE this week.