Thursday, May 6, 2010

Under Quarantine

I think I need a large BIOHAZARD sign for my front door. Between the evil pestilence of a stomach virus that just won't quit, a freak injury that has the eldest child hobbling around in a walking cast, and the crushing pressure of auditions and AP tests, I feel like we are under siege.

At times like this, it's important to keep things in perspective. I put on the following video the other day when I was trying to remind myself that, indeed, this too shall pass, and it's become the two-year-old's Favorite Thing In The Universe. How can marbles rolling down a wooden train track fail to make you smile? I think we've been watching this at least twenty times a day.

Meanwhile, I was over at SortaCrunchy today, whipping up a simple, thoughtful gift. Head on over to see more.

Ready to go


  1. Hope everybody at your house feels good and gets to relax soon!

  2. OK Go! Can there really be a video more fun? I hope you're all feeling better and had a wonderful mama's day!

  3. What a beautiful shot of the stones. I love the colors! :)

  4. have loved that video... amzing and fun at once. and those stones just ooze 'peace'! wishing you that in the chaos!
    visiting from m3b... here's my main blog!

  5. I love the peaceful quality of your stone photo. I am a mom of a soon to be 15 year old and the stress of decided on which highschool to choose and IB versus AP. It decisions just seem to become more and more important. I think I may need a bag of my own stones.
    Stopping by from Sweet Shot.