Saturday, January 23, 2010

Impromptu Nature Walk

Nature walk

This is one of my favorite activities with little kids, and has been since my teenager was a toddler. It is ridiculously simple and requires no money and almost no effort. It's just a walk, really. But you see, when you call it a Nature Walk, and when little ones are tasked with collecting and observing... well, it becomes an adventure. They become their true Scientist selves, noticing everything.

Bare trees

In the past, I've mostly done Nature Walks in the spring and fall, when the weather is pleasant and there's a lot of really showy, obvious stuff going on (flowers blooming! leaves changing!). In January, you might have to look a little harder, and you might collect mostly brown stuff.


But it got us outside, and it got us paying attention. Not to mention, the trains really needed a walk.

Taking the trains for a walk

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