Friday, January 8, 2010

Vintage, Thrifted, and Handmade: All In One!

Vintage pleated handbag

It is truly a miraculous thing when your children surpass you in their abilities. It happens for each child at a different age, but all of a sudden you realize -- wow, they can do that better than me! It's one of those parenting moments that knocks you on your metaphorical keister, and then you get back up, brush yourself off, and realize that this is exactly as it should be.

In any case, my sixteen-year-old daughter has long since surpassed me in a number of arenas. She's taking AB/BC Calculus this year and adores it (I like math plenty, but Calculus never clicked for me). She plays piano beautifully, sight-reading with ease, while I can hardly tap out Mary Had a Little Lamb. And (much to my delight and envy), she sews.

Vintage pleated handbag, view 2

Yesterday, she finished this lovely purse, and agreed to let me photograph it, since I am just bursting with pride at her accomplishment. First of all, she got the free vintage pattern off the internet here over at Sewtakeahike (sooo much sewing and crafty inspiration over there!). Second of all, she got the "fabric" at the local thrift store for practically free (apparently it used to be curtains). And then third of all, she sewed this little beauty herself -- in our newly tidied-up sewing area. Thus, vintage, thrifted, and handmade!

Vintage pleated handbag, view 3

Isn't she talented? I hope she teaches me a thing or two before she goes running off to college...


  1. That is beautiful! I like to sew ok, but I'm not confident enough to tackle something like that yet. I love it, and think she did an awesome job!

  2. Now I know I am going to make this bag. Beautiful fabric really makes it. Great job, keep up the grat work and have fun with it.


  3. Wow!!!! It turned out amazing! I'm so proud of your daughter, my pattern and directions are not the easiest to follow! And then to thrift that awesome material to make it, she's one fabulous woman! Thank-you so much for giving me the heads up on your post, it has made my day!