Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Care for a cup of tea?

Compost tea, that is.

Compost tea

I got my worm compost bin for my birthday in December, and have been slowly building my worm community in the months since. It hasn't all been smooth sailing. At one point, I had baby worms but almost no adults. (It turns out I was over-feeding them scraps and not enough paper; too much nitrogen and not enough carbon.) I think I've finally figured out the balance, and since we moved the composter outside, they have thrived.

Worm composter

Yesterday, I collected my first batch of compost tea from the bottom of the composter. What a thrill! I diluted it with water, and it went to feed my tomato plants.

I think they liked it!

Happy tomatoes

Nothing like a cup of tea to perk you up.

This post is part of the Moms' 30-Minute Blog Challenge, hosted by Jamie at SteadyMom.


  1. I love my composter! I haven't tried "tea", though. I'll have to look into that! I used compost when I moved our tomatoes and peppers outside this year, and they are thriving! I love opening the composter and seeing it full of life. Awesome.

  2. Oh...I came back to check just at the right time...what a great invention!
    and your tomatoe plats look amazing!!!

  3. Sorry to burst your bubble but the drainoff from the bottom of a bin like yours is called leachate, it is not worm tea. It is simply the runnoff/excess water from the scraps you feed. In my many years of worm composting I have not seen it to benefit the plants in the least.
    Worm tea is made by brewing your castings with water. It is SUPER nutritious for your plants.
    Also, be sure to protect your bin from direct sun if you have it outside.
    I offer free worm composting advice via forum and email on my website.
    Happy Worming,

  4. I think backyard composting is one of the most exciting things I've tried in the last several years. We have the non-worm kind now, but I did try worms indoors in a worm composter under my sink years and years ago. I did it wrong because the worms escaped onto the kitchen floor :). I gave up two days later and freed the worms. I'm so happy I was able to try it again later!