Saturday, June 26, 2010

Quick Kitchen Garden Update

I believe the word is "flourishing."

These raised beds have been the best. idea. EVER. Thank you, Pioneer Woman, for the step-by-step tutorial. I've even got my friends building them in their front yards. Woohoo!

So we harvested our first zucchini! Very exciting.

First zucchini!

Our two zucchini plants are the happiest ones I've ever had.

Happy, happy zucchini plants

And more baby ones on their way!

More zucchini to come

Even more exciting, the first tiny little green tomatoes have appeared.

Baby tomato!

The tomatoes are entirely surrounded by marigolds as a natural pest control, and so far so good.

Marigolds to protect the tomatoes

The tomato plants are very healthy (knock on wood). And remember: no pesticides, no fertilizer beyond organic compost. These are all natural, baby.

Cutest tomato cages EVER

Are those the cutest tomato cages you ever saw? I'm in love with them.

Meanwhile, I am keeping my family and friends well-supplied with Swiss chard these days. Warning: if we have plans to meet for coffee, I will show up with Swiss chard, spinach, and arugula. It is simply a given.

Full-grown Swiss chard

The leeks crack me up. I planted them approximately one million years ago, and they are just now beginning to thicken beyond a blade of grass. Will they ever turn into nice fat leeks? The world may never know. Meanwhile, they amuse me.

Baby leek

Now, do you know what this gorgeous little thing is? A baby pumpkin. Awwww!

Baby pumpkin

And finally, the green beans have made it to the top of the fort. It is now officially a little green play house. Swoon. Ignore the weeds, they give the place charm, don't you think?

Green bean fairy fort

Want to come play?

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  1. My leeks haven't grown much at all since I put them in the ground. I'm glad I'm not the only one!