Friday, June 18, 2010

This Moment: Tasting the Harvest

No words, just a moment from this past week that I want to pause and savor. Inspired and hosted by Amanda over at SouleMama.

Garden peas


  1. Oh my - so funny! I can just imagine the look of delight on the little one's face when the task was accomplished :-) Lovely moment!

  2. Tasting the harvest very sequentially. LOL

  3. Awesome moment!! Here is my moment:

  4. Totally cool! That probably makes them taste even better, right?

    So we are headed to your neck of the woods tomorrow. Can you recommend a good place for a healthy snack/lunch and is there a good farmer's market? I will be dragging the whole family along, hubby and two almost four year olds. I am really looking forward to poking around Fredrick.