Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Speaking of Imperfection


Unslashed loaf

Speaking of imperfection, do you know what happens when you forget to slash the loaf before you put it into the oven?

I do now.

Flying saucer

It kind of looks like a flying saucer, don't you think? Oh, this veteran bread baker is feeling mighty humbled right now, folks.

And highly amused.

I find this is the best response to realizing I did something really dumb.

I am often amused.

Perfection is the enemy, remember? Pardon me while I go laugh myself silly.

This post is part of the Moms' 30-Minute Blog Challenge, hosted by Jamie at SteadyMom.


  1. Live and learn, right? That's a very entertaining loaf of bread there.

  2. LOL! It still looks yummy though.

  3. Yes, I agree... I wouldn't mind having a slice, slashes or no.

  4. Oh, thats why you cut the slashes on the bread before baking it...?... lol

  5. I wanna see what the inside looked like.


  6. You know what? It was delicious. I thought maybe because it couldn't expand properly it would be too dense or something...? But no, it was just fine. By the way, I was using the basic recipe from Healthy Bread in 5 Minutes a Day, and it is one fantastically tasty healthy bread recipe. YUM. Gonna make more tomorrow. Wonder if I'll remember to make it look purdy this time...? :) I dunno, the flying saucer does have its charms...

  7. Still looks tasty, though. I'm glad to hear it was as delicious as it looks. I tried to make bread once, but it came out looking and tasting like a brick.

  8. Frankly your bread looks fantastic!!! Bring it over!!! Have a good week!!!