Monday, March 15, 2010

Sunday Seedlings Update #3

Wait, what? It's not Sunday? The whole household has been staggering around, delirious from sleepless nights, performances, houseguests, and one heck of a Spring cold. That's my excuse anyway.

So, it's Sunday Monday night! And time to check in on the progress of our kitchen garden!

First a peek at our established seedlings:

I thinned the leeks, but I think I'm going to have to thin them more. They seem happy, though.

Leek seedlings - 3 weeks

And the thyme is coming along nicely, although very sensitive to sun placement -- I have to remember to keep turning them so they don't grow sideways.

Thyme seedlings - 2 weeks

Last week, we planted eggplant and parsley -- and thank goodness I gave them an extra day, or I would have had to report that there was no action from either one. But today, the first little parsley sprouts came poking through.

Parsley seedling - 1 week

Eggplant is still a mystery, though. Hoping for the best.

This week, we planted broccoli and sage. Here's what the seeds look like, in case you were curious...


Broccoli seeds

And sage:

Sage seeds

They were planted in another motley crew of containers. Hooray for the recycling bin!

This will be broccoli

In other gardening news, the snow finally melted and I was getting geared up for building my raised beds... until it decided to rain for days on end and turn my yard into Mudville. If I can wade out there, I may try to get them built next weekend, so I can fill them with soil and compost and get my super-early seeds in the ground already! Times a-wastin', by gum.

Our weekly wrap-up:

Leeks: Planted 3 weeks ago, thinned once, need more thinning. Doing great!
Thyme: Planted 2 weeks ago, about one inch tall.
Parsley: Finally beginning to sprout.
Eggplant: Whole lotta nothin'...
Sage: Planted today, 7-21 days to germination.
Broccoli: Planted today, 5-14 days to germination.

Check back every week as we follow our kitchen garden from seed to table!

Sage seeds, just planted


  1. They're looking wonderful...oh what a garden you'll have this year!
    And I just caught up on some posts...your bird book is SO adorable...Our 5 year old would LOVE this.
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. I came here from Simple Organic, and I love how you've used whatever you can for pots.
    My eggplant seeds took a full 3 weeks to sprout. I had purchased two new packets of seeds thinking I would start over, but I'm glad I didn't need to after all.