Wednesday, April 7, 2010

In the Ground

Just in time for the 90-degree weather around here (in early April??? I'm so confused), we got our first crops actually planted in the ground! Woohoo!

We'll be growing Amish Snap Peas, whose seeds look exactly like little dried peas, quite high on the cute-o-meter. Thankfully, I had a five-year-old to help me with the row-marker signs.

Amish Snap peas

And then we planted our blue potatoes! My theory was, if you're going to go to the trouble of growing your own potatoes, they might as well be ones you can't buy in the grocery store. Thus, All-Blue potatoes from Seeds of Change. The potatoes had chitted nicely while waiting for their bed to be ready, so hopefully they will make themselves right at home. Unfortunately, my assistant had moved on to more exciting activities, so I was left to make my own row-markers.

All-blue potatoes

In other kitchen garden news, the seedlings have stayed out all night the past two nights. I wasn't intending to harden them off so early, but it's been so warm, I'm all thrown off. They seem happy, but I'm going to have to bring them back in later in the week -- hope they don't rebel.

Funny how much gardening and parenting are alike.


  1. Loving the plant markers. Having little helpers in the garden is the best. It definitely helps me not to take my efforts too seriously. Mine reminds me to add just a spot of whimsy and fun!

  2. Love your last comment! It is SO true!

  3. 90 degrees???? I have got to talk my husband into moving...we are missing life here!

    I come here for the rays of sun, that we haven't seen in months.