Monday, April 5, 2010

Sunday Seedlings Update #6

It's been an exciting week for the kitchen-garden-in-progress. For one thing, the raised beds finally got some soil in them! But... it's not enough. I need to top them off a bit so I'm comfortable with the soil depth, and then... I need to plant! I have peas and blue potatoes that are just begging to be put in the ground. Very exciting.

And on to our seedlings...

The leeks have become a tangle of grasses. Anyone know what to do with them at this point?? I'm out of my depth. I assume they need to be thinned, but I'm too chicken to do it. I know they're supposed to be transplanted when they're "the size of a pencil, maybe a bit thinner," but it's hard to imagine how they're going to get to that point.

Leggy leeks

The thyme is also a bit of a tangle, but herbs being what they are, I'm not too worried about it.


Look! The parsley is starting to look parsley-ish! First true leaves have appeared in the last few days, very exciting.


Eggplant is coming in nicely. Last year I only had one surviving plant from the seeds I started -- hoping for a better yield this year!


I planted the basil in eggshells. Just because. I'm a big fan of cute, and a big fan of eggshells in the compost, so I thought this might be a cool combination. I have had very good success with basil for many years running now, so I hope this year doesn't disappoint me. Especially considering how much I start to rely on it for my cooking...


Broccoli! It's so cute, I can't stand it.


Tomatoes have come up nicely, need to get some more varieties. I'm thinking just one is too limiting, even if they do well. Any heirloom recommendations?


And this silly sage sure has kept me waiting, but all of a sudden it's had a growth spurt! It looks so lovely, reaching for the sky...


Our weekly summary:

Leeks: Planted 6 weeks ago, has become a thicket.
Thyme: Planted 5 weeks ago, finally has first leaves.
Parsley: Planted 4 weeks ago, first true leaves!
Eggplant: Planted 4 weeks ago, looking good.
Sage: Planted 3 weeks ago, wowie! Getting tall.
Broccoli: Planted 3 weeks ago, tall and hearty-looking.
Basil: Planted 1 week ago, just emerging.
Tomato (red calabash): Planted 1 week ago, coming up nicely.

Check back every Sunday (or sometimes Monday) as we follow the progress of our kitchen garden from seed to table!

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  1. Lovely. Again, I wish I lived in your house.

    Thank you.