Sunday, March 21, 2010

Sunday Seedlings Update #4

Sunday again, and time to check in on the progress of our kitchen garden.

We didn't have any seeds to start this week, which worked out well, since we spent much of the weekend building our new raised beds! Yay! Here they are, all ready to fill up with dirt.

All four raised beds in place

And given how warm and gorgeous the weather was this weekend, it's tempting to just plant those seeds directly in the ground (once I have some ground for them to go in!). But I've been lulled by a mild early Spring before, only to have my hopes dashed by an unexpected late frost. I will stick to my Mother's Day planting date for the majority of my crops. Peas and potatoes, I'll be getting in the ground sooner, though. (Which reminds me -- my blue seed potatoes were supposed to be here by now... better check on that.)

Staggered beds

So, time to check in on how all our little seedlings are doing! Goodness, I just love the baby stage of plants... they're so tiny and fragile.

Here are the leeks, still in need of further thinning, lest it be mistaken for tall fescue or something:


And the thyme, which is getting sturdy and probably also needs to be thinned:


Parsley is coming along nicely and starting to look like a real plant:


And we finally have some eggplant action as well:


I can't say the same for the sage we planted last week. It looks like I'm going out of my way to care for the dirt gently nestled in an egg carton. Hello? Sage? Comin' out anytime soon?

Sage, doing nada

Ah, but my broccoli is consoling me with its cute little baby brassica sprouts:

Baby broccoli

Our weekly summary:

Leeks: Planted 4 weeks ago, in need of a ruthless culling.
Thyme: Planted 3 weeks ago, also needing thinning.
Parsley: Planted 2 weeks ago, coming up nicely.
Eggplant: Planted 2 weeks ago, just starting to emerge.
Sage: Planted 1 week ago, taking its sweet time.
Broccoli: Planted 1 week ago, already sprouting nicely.

Check back every Sunday as we follow the progress of our kitchen garden from seed to table!


  1. Beautiful beds! Nice job! Can't wait to see your veggies grow.

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    Sincerely, Kim Stickrath

  3. Wow, what gorgeous raised beds! I'm so impressed. I bet your children are excited.

    Thanks for linking and sharing- I hope you come back next week, and I hope your sage shows up:)