Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Nourish Thyself

Bran-enriched white bread

I'm sure I'm not the only parent who spends considerably more time worrying about my children's nutrition than my own. Yesterday, for example, I packed a delicious, balanced lunch for the five-year-old to take to preschool. Then I fed the toddler an early lunch before his nap, equally varied and nutrient-rich. Then when the toddler was napping and I was scurrying to get things done, I completely forgot to eat my own lunch until my stomach was literally rumbling.

Woah, mama. Slow down. Why on earth do I do this to myself? I'm the one driving this bus -- I better not be falling asleep at the wheel!

So I took the time to make myself a tasty, healthful lunch. And I sat down at the kitchen table, and read, and listened to some music, and relaxed for a good fifteen minutes. Honestly, it didn't even really set me back in my to-do list that much. But I was so much better fueled for the rest of my demanding day, having taken the time to truly nourish myself. Funny how I have to keep learning the same lessons over and over again.

Look at that gorgeous crumb!

And my lunch that was so worth taking the time for? Just a tuna sandwich. No great shakes. Except that the bread was homemade bran-enriched white bread from Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day and it was absolutely divine. And the tuna salad was my favorite recipe: chunk light tuna, mayo, finely diced celery, finely shredded carrot, finely diced white onion, and a little dill. Scrumptious! Try it sometime, you'll love it.

Tuna salad add-ins

Taking time for yourself is not a luxury. You owe it to the people around you, the people who depend upon you, to be a fully-functioning you. It's not selfish; in fact it's the most essential part of offering the blessing of yourself to others. If you wring yourself dry until you have nothing left to give, you can't help anyone, least of all yourself. We all know this, and we all need to be reminded of it often.

Nourish thyself. With or without a tuna sandwich.

Tuna sandwich

This post is part of the Moms' 30-Minute Blog Challenge, hosted by SteadyMom. Thanks, as always, Jamie!


  1. Oh, how I can relate, Laura! That sammie looks delish, much more so than the tuna sammie I made myself last week. One thing I haven't taken the dive into is making bread. Now I feel inspired to bake a loaf of bread some time in the next couple of weeks. :)
    And, you're so right about nourishing yourself. I've been reading lately, and it's such a luxury. I've actually made time for it, and I'm sleeping better every night. It's a great feeling.

  2. I will have to try my tuna salad that way...I've never thought to add the veggies...will have to do without the onion for some reason I don't like the crunch.

    I really need to buy the artisan bread book.

  3. I do this same thing on so many days - feed everyone else and forget to eat myself and end up eating something totally random on the run! That sandwich looks delicious!

  4. Had a tuna sandwich today. I was standing in my kitchen eating it...step one. Next time I'll try to remember to sit down.


  5. Yummy! I love dill! You're so right about the importance of nourishing ourselves too. I try to remind myself that my children are watching everything I do including how I feed myself.

  6. This is so true. I know that I'm far less patient with my two when I haven't eaten. It really doesn't benefit the kids when we ignore our needs, food or otherwise.

  7. What a delicious looking sandwich! Yum!!

  8. Honestly, just today I wondered to myself, "When did I start considering AJ's leftovers to be an acceptable lunch for myself?" It's so true. We do need to nourish ourselves so that we can take care of those in our care.

    Thanks for this, Laura!