Wednesday, February 10, 2010



It is currently snowing some more on top of the two-and-a-half feet we already have on the ground. I think we have officially entered the realm of the bizarre in terms of Maryland weather. And yesterday, they announced that the kids will be off school until next Tuesday.

Now, here I must admit... I am human. I am growing weary of tripping over snow boots, of having a drying rack full of soggy mittens and hats taking up half the hallway, of sweeping stray rice from the rice table off the floor. I am, indeed, feeling a bit wistful for my usual routine.


I am also, I must admit, having a wonderful time. I am thrilled to see the pastimes the teenager comes up with when she's not swamped with homework and rehearsals. My heart is warmed by how beautifully the children are playing together. I am continually amazed by their creativity and resourcefulness.

Playing piano

We are getting the gift of time together -- peaceful time, in which there is not much that needs to be done besides watching the snow fall, and keeping one another entertained. How many times in our fast-paced lives do we get this chance? There is no shopping to be done -- all the stores are closed. There is nowhere to go -- the road isn't plowed. We can just be together... reading, playing, singing, dancing, telling stories.

I am making a concerted effort to let go of my irritation over the piles of boots. Before we know it, this crazy winter will be nothing but memories. And so far, we're storing up some pretty good ones.

Stay cozy, everyone. And if you're in the neighborhood, stop by our play dough bakery, where the baguettes are "scrumptious!"

Play dough baguettes


  1. Isn't this weather crazy! I think it will take weeks to thaw out from this one.

  2. You guys have been hammered. Glad you're making the best of it.